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A private process servers is an individual or an establishment serving court documents that requires a defendant’s presence in the court process.

Two dynamics are outstanding to service of process. Include the court server and the person receiving the legal documents. 

Agent for service of the professional process server manually hands the court papers or legal documents over to the defendant. 

With licensed Private Investigators, we provide Affidavit of Service for proof of service and legal process services in bulk flat rates.

Right in the heart of Toronto, that expedites masterful legal paper server to law firms, paralegals, private individuals, personal litigants, and corporations

Complete Library Of Registered Process Servers

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Process Serving in Toronto

Process servers , therefore equipped to fulfil all expected requirements in the fields of serving papers, court filing, pardons, record suspensions and private courier services.

Court Filing

We provide court filing in for Ontario courts; Interacting with the court clerks to ensure accuracy to your legal cases. Save yourself the time and leave your legal documents to the experts.

Record Suspension

Clear your criminal record with a pardon today! To live the life you deserve. Can’t get the job you want?  Cross the boarder? Is your convictions or previous mistakes haunting you? Let us talk about the positive out look.

We guarantee a successful records suspension application submission

Our process servers services guarantee:



  • 48-hour target turnaround for confirmed delivery 
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Fully secure handling and completion
  • Affidavit of service
  • Pardons Court Forms
  • Rates competitive with local area services
  • Flat rates unlimited attempt
  • Genealogy Research
  • Business Searches
  • Court Filing
  • Private Delivery
  • Competitive Rates
  • Land Titles
  • Lien Searches

Service of process at work:


  • Civil Suit | Civil Law Suit | Divorce Petitions | Family court | Superior Court of Justice | Ontario Court of Justice | Small claims court  Divisional court| Federal court | Court of appeals

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